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My name is Ayuka Inoue, a fourth-year student of Konishi seminar. Continuing from last week, I would like to introduce recommended books by fourth graders.


  スマイリーキクチ 著、竹書房




"Totsuzen, boku hasatsujinhan ni sareta"(Suddenly I'm a murderer)

  smily kikuchi (2014), takesyobou

 It chronicles the 10 years that the author, who is an entertainer, fought to exonerate his innocence after being accused of a murder on the Internet. By reading this book, I think it will be an opportunity to reconsider the use of SNS. Students who frequently use SNS and parents with young children should definitely read.


2. 「amazon 世界最先端の戦略が分かる」(2018)
  成毛眞 著、ダイヤモンド社




"amazon sekaisaisentannosennryakugawakaru" (amazon You can understand the latest strategy in the world)

  Naruke Makoto(2018), DIAMOND, Inc.

 At the time of writing, the book provides a complete overview of Amazon's cutting-edge business practices, and this book is not only for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized businesses to learn business methods that they can implement. It contains the secrets of successful multifaceted strategies such as video services and cloud services as well as mail order, and although it is an old business book in 2018, it is peppered with ideas and methods that can still be used today, and is recommended as a first book to deepen your business knowledge.


  ジュリア・カセム、平井康之、塩瀬隆之、森下静香 編著、学芸出版社



"Inclusive Design"
 Edited by Julia Cassim,  Yasuyuki Hirai, Takayuki Shiose, Shizuka Morishita(2014),  Gakugei Publishing Co., Ltd. 

 How conscious are you of the usability of the designs around you?
This book explains the idea of ​​"inclusive design," which involves actually living with various users and assembling designs from the point of discovering their needs. This book is not only for people with disabilities,not only to change from negative to zero, but it is also a book that allows you to know the concept of new design that enriches your life.


  芳賀繁 著、PHP研究所




"Ziko ga nakunaranai riyuu"("Why accidents don't go away" (2012))
  Haga Shigeru(2012), PHP Research Institute  

 Every day, technology for safety advances and measures are being strengthened. However, accidents will not go away. Why is that? It is related to human psychology. The book uses psychological knowledge and theories to explain the traps of safety measures. Finally, this book discusses how safety and security can be achieved. Please read this book and think about it too.


  水野敬也 著、文響社




"Yume wo kanaeru zou 1: Elephant that makes dreams come true"

  Keiya Mizun(2020), Bunkyousha

 The story that the god of elephant which speaks Kansai dialect and has found principles of success from successful persons give some challenges to a protagonist who want to change his life but he doesn't really take action by himself, and grow up together. I think this book has a good sense of humor, is easy to read. In addition, it's gonna be a good opportunity to think about your life, dream or goal. 


12.「スイッチ! 『変われない』を変える方法」(2016)
  チップ・ハ―ス、ダン・ハ―ス 著 千葉敏生 訳、早川書房




"Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard"

  Chip Heath, Dan Heath(2016), Chiba Toshio (translation), Hayakawa syobou

  Have you ever had the experience of wanting to change something but not being able to? Workout, waking up early, and many other things come to mind. However, you should stop blaming yourself for not being able to change. This book will help you take the first step toward "change" in a positive way with a bit of contrivance. Hope you will have a chance to pick up this book and it will help you to change!




Thak you for reading to the end!



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